An invaluable resource for those who want to reform maternity care! It rigorously and skillfully analyzes the evidence base for physiologic care and powerfully argues how the medical management model has gone wrong.”

– Diony Young, author and consultant in maternal health

Optimal Care in Childbirth is a book we cannot do without. Imagine if every maternity care facility – from the busiest tertiary hospital to the smallest home birth practice – adopted all of the strategies for optimal care set out in Goer’s and Romano’s book. We would have a maternity care system that supports the wants and needs of laboring women, no matter their location or their individual health profile. We would have a system that delivers optimal care- promoting the physiological processes whenever possible and providing obstetric interventions judiciously and appropriately. We would have a system that uses fewer resources, leads to fewer physical and psychological complications, and has healthier, more confident, more satisfied mothers. Read the rest of this review.

– Rixa Freeze, PhD, researcher and blogger at Stand and Deliver.

“This book offers much, not only to those versed in the constructs and validity of scientific research, but also to maternity care providers seeking to change practice, educators and doulas who want to share knowledge of ‘best practices’ with expectant parents, and policy makers seeking to improve perinatal outcomes and rein in today’s excessive healthcare costs…” Read the rest of this review in the August 2012 eCIMS newsletter.

Nicette Jukelevics, author and founder of,  for the eCIMS newsletter